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Bangladesh is a South Asian country on the northern littoral of the Bay of Bengal with a coastline of about 710 kilometers. It is a riverine country and about 230 rivers are currently low in Bangladesh, which is one of the latest river networks in the world. Ships have been playing a major role in the trade affairs of the people of this country since ancient times. Marine House is a unique brand name for ship design in Bangladesh and has a successful track record for the design of a wide range of vessel types since its establishment in 2007. By providing a number of safe and highly qualified classed vessels both for inland and coastal sea areas, it has established its firm foothold in this sector. Furthermore, in Bangladesh, it possesses the largest team of highly-trained, innovative Naval Architects eager to secure the ever-changing demands of shipbuilding in terms of economy and safety. Our satisfaction lies in making a complete reality of our clients’ dreams. And the ultimate mission is to introduce Bangladesh as one of the leading ship-designing nations in the International arena.

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Our Services

Ship Design

We’ve been at the forefront of drawing up and building highly customized and advanced vessels for customers worldwide.

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Construction Supervision

We provide creative solutions to increase vessel demand, charter rate, and value. We cover all aspects of new building projects.

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Our experienced professionals can undertake commissions covering a broad range of marine consulting services

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Ship Registration

We will provide fast and high-quality registration of your vessel, vessel including your merchant ship, and a commercial vessel.

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Tender Document

Services regarding the preparation of technical specifications, item-wise price, and preparation of tender documents.

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Our Projects

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We work hard but we play hard too. As a quickly growing company, we are always looking for passionate, talented and creative people to join our team’s roster.

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